Oat so Good cookies

Mmm mmm. I love a good old fashion oatmeal cookie because it simply reminds me of being a child again. My go to brand was Grandma’s home style oatmeal raisin cookies. Growing up, it was probably my favorite cookie just because unlike the run of the mill Chips Ahoy brands these gems were soft and chewy. I thought to myself at an early age why aren’t all cookies like this??! It didn’t make sense to me, but I guess to each their own. It took awhile before Chips Ahoy caught on with their own chewy cookies. So props to Grandma’s for being the original. ;P


One day while my boyfriend was eating a chocolate bar, he turns to me and says, “Man, this would be great in an oatmeal cookie.” Immediately, I had to have a bite of this bar. Sure enough, he was onto something. I wasn’t satisfied with just throwing this into a plain old oatmeal cookie. No, I had to make this an amazing complex oatmeal cookie. One that was savory, chocolate-y, chewy, and different. It actually took me a few months to conceptualize this baby up, but once it came to me I knew this would be amazing. So there you have it… My “Oat so Good” cookies. It’s probably my new favorite cookie on my epic baking journey.
Oat so good 5
These cookies have a¬†great balance¬†of sweets from the dark and milk chocolate, as well as texture from the oats and bits of toffee, and a savory side from the sea salt and special ingredient. Bet you can’t guess what it is. So far out of all the test tasters no one has guessed it correctly.
P.S. Happy Birthday to my friend, Toni! I sent out a little box of these brand new cookies along side some tasty beer. Happy snacking! =D
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