If I had to sum myself up in one sentence I guess I would say I’m a foodie, video game junkie, molecular biology scientist, adventurous travel bug, and passionate baker all while trying to stay fit as well. I was born in Taiwan and then moved over to the US when I was about 6. I grew up surrounded by different cultures and all the weird sort of Asian cuisine that most people are freaked out by. It’s made me an eclectic mix of many things but above all….. I love FOOD.


Growing up in a traditional Asian household was rough and seriously that book, Tiger Mom, was no joke. I swear one of the first things that my mom taught me was how to cook when I was barely in second grade and needed a foot stool to reach the kitchen sink. As tough as the high expectations that my parents held me accountable for there were also happy times too. When I look back on some of my fondest memories with my mom, they were simply when we were baking. She’s taught me a lot and I’m so grateful for having that bond with her. It might have even been some of the few times we weren’t arguing with each other. However, I didn’t know how therapeutic baking was for me. I would find myself baking cookies or treats for my friends and family for their birthday’s, gifts, around any holiday seasons or just because I was dying to test out this new recipe I had found. It was my way my own way to saying thanks to people that I cared about when I couldn’t get the words out or when a letter wouldn’t cut it.


As well as my sweet side, I’ve also got another side of me that my close friends have had the pleasure of knowing as being a pretty blunt person. I’d just like to think of it as me “keepin’ it real” and at least I’m being honest, right? As harsh as some people may think I am, I guess I’m that way because I have high expectations. Because of that, I put a tremendous amount of care when I do bake. I’ve tossed out so many batches of things that didn’t meet my standards which is simply: would I serve that to my loved ones and myself? To me, it just makes sense that way. It’s also sort of my motto when it comes to any food I make. I want it to be honest and real. In that sense,  I mean that I care a lot more about the taste and balance of the food I make rather than focusing on the pure aesthetics of things. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t want to serve food that looks like crap either, but I do like to keep things simple and minimalistic.


So to continue forward on my epic baking adventure, I’ve sort of always had this mental baking bucket list that I would love to accomplish. I can’t wait to start on this journey and see where it takes me.

Happy baking!~